Tac-Tote LE with Trauma Kit

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39801- Tac-Tote-LE-trauma

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Ideal for:

  • Police Vehicle Consoles, Weapons Racks or Partitions
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Defensive Positions found in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Maritime Defensive positions when in hazardous waters
  • Shown medical supplies not included.


Tac-Tote LE with Trauma Kit.

The second generation of the Tac-Tote has been improved and renamed the Tac-Tote LE. What remains the same is that each is capable of holding three fully loaded AR-15 ammunition magazines securely at non typical locations within a police officers patrol car.

A removable carry strap has been added to the design to allow a responding officer the ability to remove, transport, and retain those magazines without having to hold onto them in their hands.

Another enhancement with the new design is that the magnet assemblies themselves have been redesigned so that each is now mechanically sewn into the fabric making them non removable.

Included with the Trauma Kit option is a small zippered pouch for storage of medical supplies or what ever your department commits it to.

With a full Trauma Kit, this Tac-Tote will hold the Trauma Kit and one AR-15 ammunition magazine.

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