Mounting Plate

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Powder Coated for durability.


  • 4" X 5"
  • Thickness 1/8"
  • Slot Thickness .25"
  • Hole Thickness .25"

Mounting plates are designed to be secured to a surface area where Tac-Tote placement is desired but the required metal surface is not available.

At a thickness of 1/8", mounting plates will hold your Tac-Tote securely and keep your equipment ready to be deployed when you need it. 

Plates can be attached with screws or up to 1" webbing material. 

  • Anti-Piracy. Mounting plates can be placed throughout a maritime vessels infrastructure to maximize the vessels defensive strategy in hazardous waters.
  • Home use for mounting inside gun safes or gun rooms.
  • Vehicle Mounting. 
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