Tac-Tote Standard

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39801- Tac-Tote

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Ideal for:

  • Police Vehicle Consoles, Weapons Racks or Partitions
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Defensive Positions found in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Maritime Defensive positions when in hazardous waters


  • Designed for use in industries that have armed responders and the US Military.
  • Each Tac-Tote securely carries three AR-15 Magazines. (Magazines not included.)
  • Custom designed magnets provide superior holding force.
  • Responders can quickly and effectively place ammunition at their ballistic location where they need it!
  • Allows BRE Security Officers to keep their eyes on target rather than searching for a loose magazine.
  • Improves Security Response by providing ammunition at any shooting port within a BRE.
  • Staging of ammunition inside tactical vehicles can be customizable for each Security Officer.
  • Maximize safety during Force on Force Training with Training Blue Tac-Totes.
  • Allows for deployment inside all military vehicles and open turrets.
  • Design allows for the pre-staging of ammunition within a combat outpost.
  • Provides rapid hasty defensive positions on Waterbourne Vessels and Oil Rig Platforms.
  • Stage a variety of equipment, food or water at an arms reach within a vehicle.
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